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LoveJudy Designs has had the fun and cool distinction of being worn on the Red Carpet at The Oscars and on the Dancing With The Stars stage! A few pieces were also featured at the Emmy Gifting Suite. LoveJudy also went international as Duchess Kate Middleton received an exclusive Mommy bracelet in Royal Blue following the birth of Prince George! Many Hollywood new Mommies have also received a pink or blue bracelet (see Customer Page for pics and details). Keep your eyes peeled as those are only a few of the many places, from Connecticut to Montana to Virginia to Texas to Florida to Michigan to California, that LoveJudy designs can be seen.

Sign In Board from Oscar Gifting Event. Signed by Hollywood celebrities.

Sign In Board from Emmy Gifting Event. Signed by Hollywood celebrities.

A personal Thank You to LoveJudy Designs from Shakira for her 4-tier earrings, which can be seen on the earrings page.

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